All Tools Are Bikes

Lawn mowers are a pain to use. Pushing them around, steering them to make sure you cut all of the grass on your lawn, the whole process sucks. Some have tried to make lawn mowers better by adding more motors to it and making you sit on it and drive it like a tiny, dangerous car, but cars are also bad, so that solution sucks.

I think I have a far better solution which is to combine lawn mowers with bikes. Bikes are super fun to ride and easy to steer — combine that with the lawn mower and now you’ve got a tool that’s fun and easy. Pretty much the perfect tool!

This approach can be applied to any other kind of tool, big or small. Snow blowers are a pain to use, so just make it a bike! Use some fat or studded tires on that thing and you’ll be able to handle whatever winter can throw at you.

The tool doesn’t even need to be a mobile thing to benefit from being velofied, anything that requires power can be made with a bike. Wood lathes are perfect candidates to have their motors replaced by a good bike. Pottery wheels, too. Really, anything with a wheel or rotating thing would work.