Make A Useful Online Notification Channel

With so much available on the Internet today, it’s difficult get people to know about all the cool stuff you’re putting out there. Every day, a slew of new videos, articles, images, and social media comes in for people to consume. Competing for attention with this endless stream can be difficult, even if someone is already interested in what you’re making!

Some have tried to solve this problem by putting out notifications when they have new work available. They’ll do this through email newsletters or Facebook groups. But even these two methods are often unsuccessful in getting viewers to your new projects, as notifications and announcements made through those channels are seen as spammy, and are ignored. I propose a new channel for notifications that will be more effective in getting messages out to your subscribers than emails or Facebook notifications.

My new idea: a Twitter-based notification system.

There are many problems with the existing notification systems, but the major ones that I see are: the notifications are too generic, lacking personalization; and they’re easy to miss, especially when other notifications are streaming in at the same time.

My new system would tackle both of these problems at once. First, we address the impersonality issue by sending notifications directly to subscribers’ accounts. Notifications will take the form of tweets that tag one person, and one person only – the notification subscriber! Imagine, a tweet made specifically for just one person to appreciate, relaying your important message directly to them.

A unique, personalized message means nothing if the recipient never sees it though. No matter how great your message is, it won’t be able to truly shine and stand out if it’s buried amid an avalanche of other messages, or if they’re busy doing other things. That’s why my notification system only sends messages at a time when the user is sure not to be doing anything else that could distract them: while they’re sleeping. We’ll monitor the Twitter activity of each recipient over the course of several days (or potentially even longer to build a more detailed and accurate profile), determine when they are most likely to be asleep, and send notifications to them then so that they’ll have a great promotion to wake up to in the morning.

While I believe that this is enough to make an incredible notification channel, I’d like to take this idea to the Next Level. Instead of just sending these tweets from a single account, we could send multiple tweets from many different specially-generated accounts. Receiving notifications like these from just one account would be a treat, but getting tens, if not hundreds, of notifications from all sorts of accounts would be a dream come true. Imagine the enagement your account would get!

Anyway, that’s my Twitter idea. Thank you for reading and hope to see you at the next update.