Make A Talking Computer

Computers very strong, feature-wise, and one of my great ideas is to take advantage of this strength. I have often considered doing a good project with a computer but one of my best project ideas is to make one that talks, so that you don’t have to talk to people yourself.

A Raspberry Pi is a small computer that can run linux, and you can power using a battery pack, which makes it portable. I’ve never used one before but I assume that you can connect a keyboard to one of these things, slap on a battery pack, plug in some speakers, and load up some text-to-speech software to start chatting with others around you.

To make this contraption even easier to use, you could lay the keyboard down on something like a concession tray with a strap, attach the speakers and Raspberry Pi to the bottom of the tray and be able to continue chatting with friends and other kinds of people while walking about, or even just standing.